Hi, I am Vanessa.

I am a photographer and a mum from the Sutherland Shire in Sydney, Australia. On a typical day you will see me with a camera in my hand or nearby. I have a love for photography that leads me to photograph something everyday, whether it be documenting my everyday life, or something more special. I'm always seeking light! It's crazy the amount of time I spend thinking about light and testing out the best spots in the house or chasing a sunrise or sunset.

My love for my personal photography work has led me to want to create this for others, because I know how meaningful it can be. Photos have the potential to speak and evoke emotion without any words at all. I believe each person is precious and their life is worth capturing as beautiful works of art, that can be treasured and enjoyed for years to come.

I have always loved art and anything creative I could get my hands into. I started my study of photography when I was in high school back when my camera had film in it and we developed in the darkroom, instead of the computer. I also studied dance for about 20 years and this has influenced my love of capturing movement and expression of emotion. I went on to study digital photography through various courses and was mentored by a seasoned wedding photographer that graciously took me under her wing and taught me everything she knew. Ten years later here I am photographing people, creating art from special moments in their different stages of life. I honestly feel so blessed to do what I do!

Reach out and contact me if you are interested in your own session like this, I would love to chat more with you!